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 Not sure how to procede. Need a lil advice.

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Not sure how to procede. Need a lil advice. Empty
PostSubject: Not sure how to procede. Need a lil advice.   Not sure how to procede. Need a lil advice. Icon_minitimeWed Jan 16, 2013 3:59 pm

As some of you know, I met a woman named Ronda on Zoosk that lives clese to me and she wants to date me. We did have a date for this weekend but i deciced to postpone it because now I'm a little apprehensive about the whole thing. I do want things to work out between us but I'm worried about 2 things. First, she wants to take it extra slow and shes not sure that she wants a relationship yet. I'm affraid I'm gonna get the 'I just wanna be friends' bomb and i dont want that to happen. I'm on a dating site cause I"m looking for a relationship, and if shes not looking for a relationship then i dont think she should be on there. It's misleading to guys. And second, shes still friends with her separated husband. Now ordinarliy that wouldnt seem like a big deal, but, here's a little backgroud from me. I met this woman online and she was still friends with her separated husband and they still visited each other (same with Ronda). Well, Lane and I were attracted to each other and things went very well for like 6 months. we went camping together, did everything together, yes even that. and things seemed to be going great. Then things started to fall apart like she wasnt as into it as much as I was anymore and I felt her slipping away. Well, she didnt tell me for like over 2 months that she was deciding to go back to her husband. When I did finally find out for sure what was going on I was so heartbroken. I felt betrayed and was hurt even more was that she didnt even seem to care that she had done this to me. Well thats all in the past now and I'm looking forward, moving on trying to find someone that will love me as much as i love her. I just don't want that to happen again and this looks very similar to the last situation I had. I asked Ronda strait up ' Are you SURE your not going back to your husband??' and she yes that she is sure shes not going back to him. Ok, now I havent had much practice dating as I've been married for 25 years and we've been separated about 2 years. I wasted a lot of that time with Lane, so still really outa praictice with the dating new people thing, you know? Ronda is willing to date me so thats a good sign, but my question is,How should I handle this? Do I move at a steady pace like into a regular relaionship. That might be what she needs to make it work. And if it dont work then it wouldnt have worked to begin with. Or?? Should i move extra slow and maybe it'll work but then theres a better chance of getting the "I just wanna be friends" response. I don't know peeps?? Any advice??
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Not sure how to procede. Need a lil advice.
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