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 dreams meh

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PostSubject: dreams meh   Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:58 pm

Sometimes when we are down in the dumps, it is hard for us to even think about what dreams we have. It then becomes very easy to just focus on making our situation better and to forget about what dreams we may have had for ourselves. Little do we realize is that when we forget about following our dreams, we forget that we are forgetting a life that we never even got to know.

We are forgetting life experiences that we never were able to experience, riches we never saw to spend, people we never knew to love, and answers to questions we never knew to ask. Do not let your situation or circumstances determine your future, let whatever is in your heart determine your future. Even though going through hard times makes it difficult for us to believe and to hope, we must push through and believe in ourselves and in our dreams.
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dreams meh
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