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 Dreams...nightmares you can't seem to escape from..

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PostSubject: Dreams...nightmares you can't seem to escape from..   Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:47 pm

Darkness comes when no ones watching

When everyoneís asleep in the world..

When Iím the only one awake

And no one else can hear

I wish that I could run on fear

And never have to sleep

Iíd have the most wonderful life

My problems would be none

I hate to sleep, I dread it still

I never know whatís coming

Itís a surprise I never want

The dreams Iíll have that night

Helpless against my dreams

I wish you werenít asleep

I wish I werenít alone

In this land of bad things

Thereís no escape from the inside

I canít even save myself

Iím trapped in the land of bad things

Until morning brings peace

Once I wake I stay that way


For thoes of you who have dreams/nightmares of not being able to sleep,try herbal teas or sleep sound soothing relaxing tapes that help you sleep...

Bad dreams can ruin your entire course of your sleep pattern,so try many things on how to sleep and stay asleep over night....and good luck with that! Smile

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Dreams...nightmares you can't seem to escape from..
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