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 My First Flight

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PostSubject: My First Flight   Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:23 am

Some of you may know that I am a student pilot.

The morning of my flight I was sooo nervous! Petrified would be an understatement. Admittingly thoughts were rushing to my head like the "what if's". The plane I was going to fly is classed as an ultralight called a Jabiru. It's one of the newest little plane's in Australia. We had to travel a fair distance for this flight about an hour and a half on a very windy road.

I was so tired by the time we got there. As I pulled up I saw this tiny weeny little plane that looked at least a little bit bigger in pictures. The pilot who was wearing light blue overalls and this other fellar were pumping petrol into the plane out of a barrel! Agghhhhhh! That alone scared me.

Trust me at the time had I not have travelled so far to get there I would have gone home at that point. I shakingly got out of the car and approached the pilot. We had to wait a few minutes as this person was manually pumping fuel into the plane.

Finally it was time to crawl in.... Er.... um... yeah... "crawl in" would have been good if there was room for that! The first thing I saw in the plane that also scared the daylights out of me was the see through fuel tank right behind our seets! Not to mention it was made of plastic! As I got in it was harder than it looked but still managed... just. It was like sitting flat on the floor. A lot like sitting up with your feet flat out in front of you well close to it.

It fired up and we put our ear muffs "intercom" on so we could talk to each other. I got to drive it till I lined it up with the runway. How weird is this despite what you may think to steer "all plane's" on the ground you use your feet to steer! What else that was weird with this particular ultralight was the throttle is almost under your seat between your legs!

After lining up I handed the controls over to my instructor who then proceeded to mumble his mumbo jumbo over the radio to announce take off runway zero six. With a loud roar of the engine and massive vibration we were hurtling down the runway as I watched sheds passing by.

In a very short distance I felt myself being pushed back into my seat as the front of the plane was lifted off the runway. The instructor "Eugene" said 'we're up'! I looked down out the side of the window and watched my car and family disappear from sight.

I looked at the fuel sloshing in the fuel tank behind us as we were taking off and just about froze. I soon relaxed a bit surprisingly when I was handed the controls and directed to make a right turn. I leaned the plane over gently to the right and looked down. "Wow we are pretty high I thought". As I turned Eugene grabbed the stick and turned it right more 'like this he said'. I quickly let go and grabbed my seat as it felt like I was gonna fall to the other side of the plane! Eugene let go of the stick and again 'goes your plane'.

He pointed to some clouds and said take us over them so I did. I was having the time of my life! Well I was and then he said let me show you some of the capabilities of this plane. WHOAH! He sure did show them to me lol! First thing we did was fly extremely low over a sandy beach. Some on-lookers on the beach were amazed! Then we flew over extremely rough waves extremely low! Water almost hitting the propeller. Eugene goes; 'now we are flying very low at the moment'. 'Hmmmm you don't say I was thinking'.

As we were flying along I saw a cliff face approaching and took a moment to realise how spectacular the view was. $70 this flight costed me but this was priceless. Then it was time for a few scare tactics. I thought we were going to fly into the cliff but then with an almighty roar, full power and again massive vibration, I was pushed hard into my seat and left my stomach at sea level as we did a really steep climb.

At the end of the climb It felt awsome wow what a rush I wanted to go again mind you was equally as scared. I even said; WOW! What a rush that was awsome! He then goes plane goes up (another steep climb) then plane goes down (down we went leaving stomach at 2000 feet). He then goes plane goes left did a really steep and quick turn to the left and then the same to the right. By this time I was feeling quite sick.

Eugene said we will do a touch and go on a grass runway just so I can get the feel of what its like. As we were approaching I said I think I better tell you Im feeling pretty sick at the moment. He then said well in that case.... He handed me a sick bag. We then made a steep turn to the left and landed with a loud thud. Phew I said I didn't spew. But didn't quite make it back to the shed's and spewed into the bag.

I had the time of my life despite the scares and spewing and I now fly a bigger four seater plane where you don't see the fuel tank!

I still fly this plane every now and then.
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PostSubject: Re: My First Flight   Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:16 am

Wow taz.........that sounds scared of heights so there is no way i would have been able to do that, and if i was in the plane i would definately have my eyes closed all the time!!

Good thing i dnt wanna be a piloy hey!!
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My First Flight
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