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 how to help a pal

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PostSubject: how to help a pal   Sat Nov 08, 2008 6:17 pm

I was at a river once with my friend, Kimmy. Kimmy had a little brother, Andrew, and they BOTH got hurt while we were playing. They were all sad, and crying, Kimmy slipped and cut hur knee, and Andrew stepped on a (Dead) bee wich then stung his foot. Now I remembered in fith grade, we had a devil for our teacher. Her, or its name was Mrs. Adler. She was something all right! Kimmy hater her soo much, she dropped out of school! Luckily, came back in 8th grade. Andrew was scared of her too. So when they were sad, I pretended to be her, and make her look stupid! I was all like, "Okay class! What does 7+2=?! ANSWER!!" And Kimmy REALLY enjoyed this, and said "9!" And I was like, "...(Counts in head for 30 sec.) WRONG ANSWER!! YOU! Little boy! tell me the answer! NOW!!" And Andrew was like "4!!!" "Correct!!!" I said to Kimmy. We all laughed and forgot the pain! (Exept Andrew) But even he didnt care! And he's 4 years old! Very Happy
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how to help a pal
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