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 old friend

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PostSubject: old friend   Sun Sep 14, 2008 4:49 am

good bye old faithful friend we've been together a long time now
but this was your time to go i know yet it's not the end
st' peter is there waiting for you next to those gates of gold and pearls in heaven
untill my time is here and takes me too i shall not morn or greave my loss of you old friend.
because i know there is no more pain for you except that of
what is within my heart.
a tear i have with your picture i hold from when i got you as that troublesome young pup...
is that you my faithful old friend?
you've come back to guide me on though it's been almost a year
but yes i do feel it's time for me too
and just like always your happy to see me.
st' peter says you waited right here for me without any fuss!
c'mon boy the gates are open and await us to go through
like them good old times before right there you are by my side
oh you really are my faithful old friend.
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old friend
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