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 Cascading Memories

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PostSubject: Cascading Memories   Sun Sep 14, 2008 4:34 am

Your emerald eyes leave me mesmerized,
For when I search them,
I am left with memories cascading through my mind,
As if bathing beneath the roar of a waterfall of thoughts...

...back to the day we met in such a way..
When I bumped into you,
knocking the paints out of your grasp.
The same tender grasp my body became so in tune with.

...our first date was memorable as everything went oh so wrong.
I slipped through the mud and you laughed.
The food in the basket, didn't quite make it to the picnic...
As rotten as it was, I wouldn't share it with anyone but you.

...The night was cold, but I laid silently on the couch,
you worked so beautiful with each stroke across your canvas.
That's the night I fell in love with you, your eyes sparkled,
and I saw the same passion, I felt every time you touched me.

...I anticipated this day for so long, it felt like life or death to me.
You were taking me home to your parents and boy was I scared.
Your mother squeezed me to say hello, and your daddy winked his approval.
To this day you still get a chuckle, when you think about that night.

...We walked through a beautiful park, and we shared a picnic, with the sunset.
Then you carried me to the oak tree surrounded with white rose petals,
Down on one knee, you shared your every emotion with me, praying I'd say yes.
Tears of joy flowed from my eyes, and from that moment on I promised to be forever yours.

With my memories cascading all of them leading up to these two words.
I do.. I do give you my life, to become one with you.
This moment is so precious and pure, and it is ours.
We will be a new canvas, painting the days of our lives.

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Cascading Memories
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