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 Embarassing moments

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PostSubject: Embarassing moments   Wed Sep 23, 2009 4:21 pm

Heya guys,

just thought i would tell you about my most recent embarassing moment!! I was having a *rock* day, which involves me blasting my music and playing my air guitar all over the house!! which as you can imagine is awesomely fun!!

Well i was just getting into my groove when i turned around and who did i happen to see standing watching me with an amuzed look on their faces?? Yep my dad and his friend.......they just stood and laughed at me for about a minute!! talk about embarassing, especially as my dads friend turned around and asked my dad *is this the medic?!!*

Nope the ground did not open up and swallow me!!

do you have any embarassing moments??
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PostSubject: That is sooooo funny......   Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:00 pm

Omgoodness Eve....I can totally picture that happening to you. Girl, you crack me up. Honestly, there is never a time you fail to make me smile, thank you!!

Sunny sunny

Live, Love & Laugh like there is no tomorrow.......
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Embarassing moments
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