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 wolf life ( this is a bit long but worth reading i think )

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PostSubject: wolf life ( this is a bit long but worth reading i think )   Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:25 am

i was born today along with my brother and 2 sisters laying here i
call for my mum and she cleans me up and shows me where to feed
along with my brother and sisters

i've been here for a while now with my brother and sisters feeding
often from mum learning how to walk and getting many baths from
mum too

mum is moving us to a new home today and i'm the last to go
and i can hear now and see her but only just she says to be calm
and that she won't be long and so i wait for her here at the tunnel
for her and......... what's that sound!!!!! i've never heard that before
oh mum where are you?

i've been here on my own for a long time now and i'm lonely, cold
and hungry but should i call for mum ? no i'll be quiet and try to
be calm like she said and....... who's that i can see? should i call
as it might be mum no need to call it's dad but with bad news
about mum he says mum got hurt by humans though she's alive but
they've taken one of my sisters

dad takes me to the new home where mum is with my brother and
sister are waiting and mum is happy to see me as i am her too
but mum is hurt like dad said and mum says she'll be alright in a
few days or so and i do hope so too and mum lets me feed knowing
i'm hungry and as i feed mum tells my brother, sister and me
about the humans and to keep clear of them and to watch out for
their things that they use to catch us

mum is no better today and it was a while ago she was hurt oh
mum please get better.... my brother, sister and me are also much
older now and i stay with mum while dad takes my brother and
sister out for a bit and he returns often with food for mum and
me and yes i'm on meat now just like mum and dad with my aunts
and uncles

i don't like this day.... mum died last night and dad moved us on
too he says it's for our safety oh i miss mum i wish she was still
here and dad says that's what humans do is just kill us but why i'll
never know and nore do i want to find out too!

tomorrow dad is taking us on our first ever hunt! i can't wait to go
he said to be up early in the morning as that is one of the best
times for it i'm so excited i can hardly sleep

dad is a good hunter he got us food quicker than i realized what
was going on and he even let us eat first with him and it is good
too though a bit hairy but i don't mind i like it and soon my aunts
and uncles have their turn to eat and you should see them go i bet
they are as hungry as i was

dad moved us on again saying humans are getting too close behind
us and i lost my brother yesterday too dad says he got ill and that
was part of life for us and so it's just my sister and me now apart
from dad and my aunts and uncles

i like our new home with this water flowing over us like this we can
hide here and the humans can't see us but dad says be careful of
the water and so i stay clear of it unless dad is there and i'm tired

i'm sleeping well over the past few days and i almost lost my sister
yesterday to the waterfall just like dad said and my uncle went in
and saved her but he couldn't get out again and was taken away by
the water dad hasn't given much hope in him surviving that
and dad also told my sister off for what she did and dad told me
off too for not telling him she was too close on the edge

i learned a lesson that day and now my sister and me are much
older now and my sister reminds me of mum strange that she said i
look just like dad too even my aunts and uncles say we do too

dad has a new mate today though she's not mum my sister and i
still have to respect her just like mum and my sister got told off
again too and dad says that one day i might take his place to guide
our pack through our home grounds and to make sure that our
borders arn't crossed by others who want to take them over for

we've got new members to our pack today dads new mate had pups
he was in a good mood all day the hunt was good and all mostly
uneventful till we got back to the den found a new sent there and
one i remember

humans! lost many aunts uncles my dad to them with their loud
sounds all around us and they even taken all of my step brothers
and sisters the humans dug them out of the den and they are still
too young to be away from my stepmum and...... no! they've killed
her too

just me and a few of my aunts and uncles left after we managed
to get away to a safer area but why did those humans attack us
when we stayed clear of them i'll never know but now is not the
time to ponder the question i must be like my dad and head the
pack for he taught me well

a challenge to be alpha one of my uncles made on me this day
he is strong too but luck was with me i was stronger though hurt
it somehow makes me feel good my uncle was also was challenged
by my other uncle but backed down after our earlyer fight and now
for my first hunt as leader

didn't quite have a successfull hunt but like my dad before me i've
taken a mate from another pack near by and was with some though
small luck we still have food a dear that died earlyer
and is a welcome sight as we feed

humans again and my pack my mate is lost and is now just me alone
and hurt by a human with another loud noise that made the trees
shake and fall dad never told me of this.. i guess he himself never
knew but now i do yet the human didn't get away for now he fills
me and eased my hunger after what he did

another night just like the night before that alone i hunger for
food the humans scent i smell them all around me but must not let
them get to me and... what was that sound ?
it's another human! should i fight or run though i'm on my own i
hunger to much i'll stay and fight my last right here and..

today i died by a hunter of crewl human hands that sound that hit
me and scattered my life and freed my spirit to join those i lost
though not gone are we for our voices carry on with this forest till
the last of trees has gone

to be forgoten and erazed from this land for i was the last and
never more will roam with all that remains to later be discovered a
tear within the eye of those that see what once was yet no more
will the shock upon the world screem with pain to honor the souls of
the long lost dead.....

my personal thoughts..
i wrote this from what i read hear and see about the plight of the wolf
that mystical hardy and beautiful animal that all dogs desended from to only be
destroyed instead of studied
it's beyond me on how anyone could even harm a wolf let alone kill one but still they do
to learn and live along side then is the key to help not just us but everyone be in peace and harmony
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PostSubject: Nicely put, my friend   Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:26 pm

That is a great story, Anubis. Literally moved me to tears, twice.....
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PostSubject: Re: wolf life ( this is a bit long but worth reading i think )   Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:20 am

thankyou for that sunshine and yeah it does what it's ment to do
i just wish they would leave those wolves alone to roam free
just like they have done for years before man and wolf encountered each other
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PostSubject: Re: wolf life ( this is a bit long but worth reading i think )   Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:04 am

Wow anubis, that was just lovely!! u know its true we do take wildlife for granted and theres no way that animals that beautiful or any animal to be honest should be killed without valid reason....

i think it shows great insight on ur behalf to write such a moving piece and its definately made me think more about animal cruelty!!
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PostSubject: Re: wolf life ( this is a bit long but worth reading i think )   

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wolf life ( this is a bit long but worth reading i think )
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