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 spirit wolf

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PostSubject: spirit wolf   Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:15 am

The wolf i am free and wild of spirit running with my pack through this forest
of winter across the snow into the bright moon filled evening night
returning back to the area of our den for us it's home
i lay close with my mate asleep till dawn we await
for the hunt the time of the gathering with our hearts slowly calmly beating
we awake the time is near my breath shudders with excitement in the early
cold hours of the new day
swiftly we move with thoughts of hunger the need to eat fills us as
the hunt is on our prey is ahead tracking it's sent as we go following
behind my mate, the pack and i soon are upon it the dear we have stalked
slowly surrounding this poor animal unknowing it's fate the time is now
i slowly move in first as pack leader it sees me and runs for it's life
but luck is not for it as i pounce onto it the dear is doomed with that moment,
the life, the death, the hunger, the satisfaction
we soon have eaten our fill to leave what is left to those above that circle in the sky
sad i know but with life this is to end another to die
with a satisfied breath we give our thanks the mark of our respect the howl that
fills others with fear yet also with wonder or hate
onwards we move seeking the place of our rest and play
i sence a change with my mate as she moves away back to the den close by so calmly
i follow waiting near to let her be with this time is of the new life with many nights and days that follow of food i bring for my hungry mate as she rests with our young and yes i hear them and soon too i see them as they peer out to see me laying close
by now i see them 5 pups in all and now to feed them too with the pack another hunt,
another day, another kill, another feeding as they grow fast i tire with fading strengh i carry on but after many nights the next i know i will not see for me i was a hunter but now the hunted away from my pack, my mate, my young, my family and all that i know
laying with life flowing away thinking of everything i've done yet now time is over i hear movement coming closer wanting to move but with final sight, final breath that final sign of life gone to be nothing more but another trophy to another hunter but still i am with my pack guarding them, showing them, leading them on through the winds they hear my call though no more am i they know i'm near that spirit of the wild wolf.

before you make any comments please note that all these i write come through from the heart!
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PostSubject: Re: spirit wolf   Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:52 pm

I didn't know you had such a poetic side! I love this poem, such meaning! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: spirit wolf   Thu Sep 03, 2009 11:33 pm

oh there is much more you don't know about me!
What a Face What a Face
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PostSubject: Re: spirit wolf   

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spirit wolf
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