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 Positions Vacant

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PostSubject: Positions Vacant   Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:56 am

Want to join the Chill Zone Team? We have 6-7 positons available in total. Pick two of the following positions and list them in order of preference 1 being most prefered and just a short description on why you want the position, include your age, and country. Please send your application via the contact form here at All applicants will be notified of their out-come.

Just a suggestion, hassling about your application or hassling to be an admin doesn't work Wink

Link exchange and advertising manager (including gaining new people in myspace and facebook) - One of the most important positions of the lot. You'd be working directly at the top with me on advertising idea's you will have access to chill zone on myspace to add more friends. You will get access to two email address's one is soley for advertising and the other is your for your own personal use!

Quiz-chat/fun organiser - There can be a separate games room created for whoever takes this position as well as a few other interesting features that you may want to use as a games host. You aren't soley a games host, the other part of this position is room fun. Do what ya can to make the room fun for example create a jokes hour ect.

Two undercover completely hidden admins - only people who will know you have a position as admin will be the admins and managers. Your main role is to meet and greet every user that enters. buddy will be monitoring your actions you will be signed in as a normal user at all times but be prepared to sign in as an admin at anytime should trouble occur. You will have the ability to kick, silence and ban a user should the need arise.

Two normal admins - You will answer to Eve and I directly. Whenever you log in you will be logged in as an admin. You would be there to keep the room safe and of course friendly. You will also have the ability to kick, silence and ban a user should the need arise. ---- TaZ

Friendly Chat Manager
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Positions Vacant
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