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 I'm baaaaack..

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PostSubject: I'm baaaaack..   Wed Apr 22, 2009 2:44 am

I'm Baaaaaack... Twisted Evil So lately I have been posting you tube video's!!! And I really need to get more views and ideas, so if any of you guys would like to see something, just reply and ask! (Oh and I can only make pivot video's because 1. My camera is older than me, 2. it's batteries doesn't last for 4 min. and 3. I can't get anything on the computer) But if you like pivot, I made a lot! Just search MyAnimation0 on you tube (oh and the only reason there is an 0 at the end of my name is because I messed up on my first account! XDDDD) Oh and my typing has gotten a lot better! Smile
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I'm baaaaack..
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