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 the day i ran away from my house

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PostSubject: the day i ran away from my house   Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:16 pm

along time ago when i was 3 years old i was in the basement and there were alot of people over (relatives) in the basment. my mom took me upstairs and put me to sleep( i was fake sleeping) and she went down stairs. when she went down stairs i got up and i headed toward the front door without anyone knowing and shut the door. i started walking to the park ( i no i was only 3 but i knew where the park was ). when i got there i was very happy and i was having so much fun . later while my dad came from work and said wheres Dani****. my mom said shes sleeping . they went to check on me i wasnt there. every body in the house including the people over looked all over the house and started calling me name. while i was at th park a old man came and started coming toward me. he came and asked me were's ur house i pointed to the house. he took me there and knocked on the door. my mom opened it and the old man said " i was in the park and i found ur child alone and i thought she isnt supposed to be alone...". and then my parents were mad at me and put a lock on the door. Crying or Very sad

my mom told me this story
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the day i ran away from my house
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