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 My weirdest dreams

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PostSubject: My weirdest dreams   Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:46 pm

the toilet dream
i was in spanish class and i went up to the teacher and said can i use the bathroom and she replied sure.i went to the bathroom and flushed my self in the toilet. and all of a sudden i was in this weird place.i was in a forest and there was snow . there was a river in front of me and these 2 sting ray mans took me to cross the river. when i got across the river i saw a bulldozer and inside were my uncle and my dad. i went inside the bulldozer and found a toilet and flushed my self again and i came in a different snow area with my class picking garbage.

the couch dream
i was sitting on a couch and i stood up before i sat down the couch came alive and started chasing me. i went up stairs into my bedroom and shut the door.i opened the fridge in my room and started eating my icecream. and all of a sudden the couch came and stole my icecream . i started heading toward the door and opened it and i saw tons of couches climbing the stairs . then a saw a rock on the floor and it turned into barney and started singing i love u u love me. and i saw a stick turn into dora and started singing come on vamonus everybody lets go. and i disco ball came from the ceiling and at the window my cousin lama and her sister yasmine opened the window and a huge water wave splashed into the house . and all of A SUDDEN dora said everybody come on and the couches lined up behind her and barney was the last person and the followed dora and they went away

the party
i was sleeping in my bed and heard a noise coming from the kitchen... i got up and i tip toed and i saw elmo, barney , dora , boom bahs, barbie, teletubies , and more and they were having a party and the were singing happy b-day .
( i woke up)

weird dreams... affraid
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My weirdest dreams
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