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 Funny things kids say & do

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PostSubject: Funny things kids say & do   Sat Mar 28, 2009 3:52 am

My second oldest 'Olivia' when she was 4, came into her mum shaking, theres a snake in the bathroom mum, we went in and it was millipede.

Just recently she did a similar thing again, she said there was a pink snake in the garden, of course it was a worm.

Olivia currently 5 calls accidents accidedents

Olivia use to call nappies napples and then started calling them mappies

When Olivia apologizes she will say sorry but she demands you accept it. If you don't say its ok she yells, I SAID SORRY!

If Olivia's tv or dvd player wasn't doing what she wanted it to she goes; theres nothing wrong with my tv!

Whenever a train went past Charlotte use to say gggggggggggggggaaaaarrrrrkkkk! Worked out this was just her version of imitating the train horn.

Charlotte (9) recently goes, will the car crash if I don't sit straight or if I lay down dumb

Olivia still 5 asked if easter bunny bites

Ella 21 months Just lifted up her 3 year old brother's top, and looked in nappy to see if he had done a pooh lol

James (3) almost burst into tears when Thomas derailed on the tv show lol

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PostSubject: Re: Funny things kids say & do   Fri Sep 11, 2009 7:12 am

Little Billy was sitting on the potty and his mother had noticed he had been there a long time. She opened the door to check on him. He was sitting there looking at the pictures in a magazine. After a few seconds he would close the magazine squeeze his face real tight and pop himself on the top of the head. His mother continued to observe him doing this ever little bit. Finally she asked, "Billy, are you okay." "Yep, mommy I haven't doodied yet", he replied. She said,"Okay then I will come back and check on you in a few minutes. But Billy, why do you continue to hit yourself on top of the head?" "Works for the ketchup", he replied.
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Funny things kids say & do
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